AUCO Italia


Products identification with barcode


A network of personal computer take control of all test point placed in the productive area. Each Personal control can operate with four operators simultanley. The operator can dialogate with the system in different manner for take the best productivity in relation to the tipolgy of the test.

The interactions active for each operators are:

normal mouse, keyboards and video operations

barcode system for identify the object, the operetator, the paking number

barcode for give the response to the system: ok, no, cancel, previous,

the system talk to any operator all the message: call the operator with the name, talk the operations required, talk the description of each test, inform the operator for any step and any mistake, etc.

Any operator can chose the voice that prefer..

Any personal Computer can take control form one to four operators.


Any operator can spend one's time only for the tests operations because the system talk with the operator. So the operators hav'nt the necessity to see the monitor or to utilize the mouse.

Any object is identify with the barcode, and also any operator, any paking.

The barcode are read from the operator with the laser system without possibility of errors.


The system is configurable. The network administrator can modify the tests required for each tipology of product.

For any type of product the system memorize the correct sequence of tests required. With the laser the operator read the barcode of the product and the system required to the operator the correct sequence of tests. Each test station is configurated for a specific number of test. In the same manner each operator is abilitated for same test. The system verify that the tests required are effectueted in the correct sequence, on appropriate tests stations and by abilitated operators.

Any test is memorised with all informations: name of the operator, barcode of the object, barcode of the paking, date and time test, results, eventually annotations of the operator, time required for the test, etc.

All informations are organized in Access database. The administrator have access at all statistics elaborations: productivity, quality of production, time required for test, number of test in the time, number of the of each operator, orader situation, etc.