AUCO Italia


Tractor tests


This equipment realize the operating conditions that a tractor can find in differents place of the world. The tractor axle is placed in the tank. The system create the temperature and umidity conditions. Different muds are pump in and pump out of the tank. A electrical motor generate the meccanical conditions. The data acquisition system store all the informations: temperature, power absorbed from the axle, meccanical sollecitation in differen points of the axle , vibrations. The life time of the axcle is simulated perfectly.

A network of Personal Computer and PLC take control of several test stations.

Each station test can work with differents programs of simulation and test.

The intra network is connected with external systems for control, supervision and assistance.

The vibrations analysis are realized at regular intervals. The acquisition of several test points at 2M inputs/sec is elaborated during the test from the automatic control system.

The system acquire up to 4.000 differents informations, 100 times for each second. The informations are stored for all the duration of the test (up to 30 days). The software take control of the life of the axle and stop the test before of the crash of the axle.

In this station test are simulated differents situations: cicle of 50.000 applay the brakes, steer,

Custom portable equipment for data analysis on field. The system is installed on the tractor for acquire many informations during the real work of the tractor. This informations are utilized for the test of the tractor and also for create the same conditions in the inner test stations.