AUCO Italia


 Production of resin for power control and distribution

This sysem realize the appropriate mix of components in order to realize the resin for production of isolating objects for middle and high tension, lines and equipments.

In the world many producers of resin utilize AUCO Italia systems: Sitre (for Sace, Enel, ), Isolwatt, ABB Power Control (Italy), ABB Power Technology (Spain), SEA Trasformatori, VEI,

The software takes automatic control of all parameters such: temperature of components, air pressure and vacuum cycles, times of mixing,

This sytems work 24 hours for day and 365 days for year.

The control system memorize history of events, alarms, and also all manuals operations from operators.

Any 30 seconds we have a photo of all variables of the system. The sysetem give you a real time access of all history of the last year.