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MCS7001 is an optimal machine for the test of various systems.


This machine record any measured value during the test of a system. The machine measure and record also the real torque applied during any test.


This is a very important control for understand correctly the behavior of different systems.

For each test are recorded all values, like the speed, the max torque, the times required for each operation, the analogs inputs and so on.


It is possible also to record all measured values up to 100 times for second, and display it graphically in order to see the exact behavior in a single test


The test is controlled with a PLC GE Fanuc, and the human interface is realized with a Windows XP Computer.


The machine use digitals input/output to control pneumatic systems, sensors,  electrical valves, etc. It control and measure also analog signals for pressure, speed, vibration, temperatures, etc.


Our brushless control system is very sophisticated and control any parameter for each movement: position, speed, acceleration, torque limits, torque applied.





This accessory concurs to carry out of the spins with a extensible ax.

For example it is used for the test of the locks mounted on doors or ante.

The motor controls the torque and the speed, executes test of 200.000 openings, and graphically records all the data of the test.





Lock mounted on test door. The motor develops torque until 25Nm, but it can also limit the applied torque at 0.1 Nm.

It execute the tests of the lock and the handle, it execute the sequence of necessary operations like: closing, opening with key, opening with handle, release blocs, etc.




Our experience


The AUCO Italy has matured its experience in the tests on prototypes with various companies in the arc of the last decades o f years. From the axles for tractors with the Dana in the centers of Vimercate (MI Italy) and in Arco di Trento (Italy), to the tests of the new motors of the Tram for Alstom France, at Sesto San Giovanni (MI Italy) and then still collaborations in the realization of the equipments and the software of test of the electronics of Pendolino (the Italian super train), always with Alstom. In the field of the tests in production we have realized systems for the control of the test islands, also with software intelligent that speak the operating peoples, explaining the operations that must execute in order to guide them in the various procedures. 

From these experiences we have realized various equipment of test, also for the vibrations tests, preventive assistance of the problematic mechanics, mathematical analysis of the vibrations in order to characterize the parts that are near to the breach, safeguarding the prototype or allowing however the preventive maintenance on the system.

The MCS7001 is born from this experience and is studied in flexible and simple way, rendering adapted it to many and many types of test.

They is very simply to use, bat the acquisition concurs and the control of the variable ones until 100 scansions to the second, controlling whichever type of marks them and sensor standard. Software AUCO for the brush less motors concurs to control them in a very simple way for the operator, with commandos helps very clear.




Stato macchina

The immediate commandos allow you to try the test manually, and also to carry out single tests in order to verify the behavior of the system to test.

After to have defined the sequence of operations, they can be inserted in the test program. The commandos are very simple, well described in the help automatically always visible












The commandos are very simple. The software is developed from AUCO Italia and so you can ask as any modification. So, any application become for us a possibility to create new commandos and new functionality, and so our software become more and more flexible and adherent to the various client requirements.

A specific program for the software modernization concurs with all the customers to have use of the new functionalities







The MCS7001 is the new series of testing machine. The electronics are based on three levels. The electronics of engine control, the PLC of management of the test and for the acquisition and the control of all the variable, and the computer for the supervision, the recording and the operating interface.

All it is enclosed in a structure of reduced dimensions, easy to move inside your tests area.

The machine is personalized on the requirements of the customer, its characteristics of base are:

  • Software MCS AUCO Italia release 9,0 or more.
  • Computer of supervision with Pentium Intel Dual Core Processor, network card, DVD, monitor 17 inches integrated in the structure, Windows XP Professional.
  • PLC of control GE Fanuc series 90-30 with CPU whit high performances, one card whit 16 digital INPUT, one card whit 16 digital OUTPUT (2A for each signal). Card of brush less control with some analogic INPUT.
  • Electronics of motor control Brush less until 25 Nm (available other powers), with control of position, speed, acceleration and torque (limitation and reading torque).
  • Predisposition for any card like: extensometers, cargo cells, thermocouples, thermoresistances, others analogic input, etc. Predisposition for analogic output and possibility to add others digital input/output cards.

It is open to the DCS world, in direction of high level for business nets, DCS, SCADA, etc, and also in direction of field for distributed controls, Azardus Area controls, in observance of all the emergency norms up to zone 0.



Up grade possibility


In the structure is predisposed the space for 20 input/output cards and 4 brush less drives.

As an example it is possible to installe: 32 input for extensometers/cargo cells, 12 input PT100, 16 input thermocouples, 8 analogic output, 8 analogic input, 4 motors brush less control, controlled also in torque, 64 digital input, 32 digital output.

We can realize also solutions whit a greater density and the same dimensions of the structure.

The various accessories can be placed inside the machine, so the machine is very compact and easy to be moved.

The connections whit the test equipment are realized whit multipolar standards connector, so the passage from a test to an other is very easy. There are machine MCS7001 that can be used on various equipments of test, also at the same time.

We can realize different equipments in order to satisfy any requirements of the customer. The system is flexible and expandible in any moment. We have versions also with four brushless motors.

The software is simple and of immediate use.

All the recorded data are exportable graphically and in Excel format.



Connectivity and teleassistance


The system is equipped whit a 1GBps Ethernet card. Possibility of wire-less cards, connectivity via modem, ADSL, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SUPER UMTS.

For the areas without field we supply the connectivity on a Immarsat channel on a network of satellites active on all planet, whit exclusion of only the icecaps.

The offered connectivity will concur you to manage your system from whichever emplacement of your business net and to have, upon request, our tele-assistance on all the planet.


scritta grafici singolo test ING


grafico singolo

Single test diagrams


During the single test can be recorded all data of the variable, with a frequencies up to 100 times for each second.

The data come transferred on the PC automatically and are immediately visible.

In the diagram to the left the you can see the torque applied on the key for open the door, at the instant 2,9. 

 The system applied one increasing torque until the door open. The position can be noticed (blue line, scale of left with thousand division of turn) that for 0.6 second remains stationary until increasing the torque comes (pink line, scale of right with thousand division of Nm).

You notice that in the moment in which the mechanism unlock the door, where there ise a negative peak of speed (blue line) the system succeeds however to maintain the control of perfectly constant torque in its increment, in accord whit established how much in the test. This is important when you must to observe a exact increment of torque as an example, for the test of emergency exit. where the forces must be increased in accord whit specific norms.

The single test diagrams can be recorded automatically every enne test, or to forehead of an alarm, or forehead of a particular event, like a problem in the tested system.


scritta grafici sequenza test ING


grafico test


Sequence test diagrams


The test of a equipment can last little moments or also various months.

The system acquires all the important data of every single executed test and it introduces them in graphical shape concurring with the operator to understand immediately as the test is proceeding, visualizing eventual variations in the time of some important parameters, like the torque applied in a important movement, the mechanical strech of particular, the temperature of a point of the system, or the vibrations that are generated in a particular movement.

The data are readable with whichever database or mathematic software.

On machine MCS7001 they come visualizes to you in simple and immediate way. The diagram is immediately visible without necessity of modification. They are available functions of zoom in and zoom out, pan, numerical reading of the values, activation grill with selected scale to right and on the left of the variable ones.

The data are exportable in graphical format and text,  for the entire test and also for the diagram like is visualized.







Distributed Control System


For the control of great amounts of signal we realize systems whit DCS technology, applied also in zones to high risk of outbreak. As an example in the refinery of Skikda (Algeria) during 2004 we have realized a installation for the control of 1000 temperatures (500 installed), with a system distributed in azardus areas, redundancy 2 on all the levels.

With a simple communication cable  and a power cable all the field sensors and the field actuators are, also at a distance of some thousand of meters. The system is up gradable practically in limitless way.




The system is available in 16 weeks from the order, the price is very interesting.

The standard system, like described, comes proposed at 38.000,00 Euro, included installation, personal instruction and a simple custom request. Guarantee for two years included.

(+ tax and shipping).